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Architectural Aluminum Systems


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Structural Glazing

Now a day’s Structural Glazing is becoming a best option for curtain, Storefront Installation, and Windows amongst the other glazing options because of its easy to Install, Anti-leakage to water and air penetration.  The sealant  and spacer  pass on the Wind Pressure to the formation and provides greater flexibility, Pressure  Management, solidity, Thermal Stress Balancing capabilities.

Our expertise with the Structural Glazing competes on the following points:
  • Sealant Performance
  • Air and Water Infiltration
  • Structural Requirement
  • The Energy Efficiency Factor
  • OOTV Concept
  • Laminated Glass Performance
  • Safety and Security Parameters enforcement
  • Reduction in Sound
  • Solar Radiation and Heat Control
  • Low Visible Distortion

The above criteria make the Structural Glazing critical to be implemented and require a specialist to look at.

Spider Glazing

Crystal Aluminum System is providing the best solutions with Spider Glazing in the industry by maintaining high quality standards for products as well implementation. With changing technologies and market requirements the Glass Curtain Walls and Glass Structures are finding new heights in terms of glazing. Ranging from Singular Aluminum Alloy to Serialized Mounted Frame less Glass Curtain Walls including Hanger Type, Hanger Plus Spider-Fitting, and Fully Spider Fitting has found its popularity amongst others. Crystal Aluminum Systems provides best services with the above technology with great quality and maintaining High Standards.

Auto Door (Sensor)

Crystal Aluminum Systems Provides High-Density Detection pattern system, self-diagnostic for Malfunctioning, Selectable Presence Timer, Wide color variation, Stable Detection at snow, Pattern width and Depth Adjustment Capabilities, Easy and Quick Mounting with its Auto Door(sensor) Technology.

Patch Fitting Door

Crystal Aluminum Products provides Patch Fitting Doors to meet the demand of durable aluminum fittings, with quality and great finishing.

Canopy (Glass & A. C. P)

Crystal Aluminum Products provides you an option to enjoy the atmosphere with Rain or sunshine independently almost. We provide Canopy to meet the requirements to our clients.

Glass Partition

Crystal’s products for Glass Partitioning provides Flexible and modish just as you desire to be. Glass Partition manages the space yet provides an effective way for Partioning requirements.

Curtain Wall Fix Glazing

Crystal manufactures and provides excellent Curtain Wall Fix Glazing Systems by using quality material and newest technology which ensures high satisfaction ratio for clients.

Aluminium Composite Panel

A widely-used Panel which is consists of a non-aluminum core bonded between two aluminum sheets.  Crystal holds leading place in providing the solutions for Aluminum Composite Panel.

Aluminim Door

Crystal Aluminum Products provides Aluminum Doors along with the variety in Sliding and Swing types with great accuracy in configuration as well industry best quality. Being the Industry leader in the aluminum products Crystal maintains the high level standards for providing end-to-end solutions in Doors.

Aluminim Window

Crystal Aluminum Products provides Aluminum Windows along with the variety in Sliding and Swing types with great accuracy in configuration as well industry best quality.  Pioneer in Aluminum product manufacturing Crystal provides best in class Aluminum Window in industry.

Aluminium Partition

For more Spacing along with the modern look with Aluminum Partition provides a new look to Offices and Homes.
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